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The team deals exclusively with transgender and ladyboy dating on this portal. We present the best ladyboy dating sites and apps and reveal our experiences on the respective portals. You can also find a lot of helpful advice on ladyboys and transgender topics on Ladyboys, but also on topics such as getting married, living together and much more. This portal is aimed at all who want a transgender relationship or are looking for a ladyboy date.

Ladyboy Dating Sites & Apps

There are now a large number of ladyboy dating sites. But not every one is recommended. We have tested the best transgender dating sites so that everyone is guaranteed to find the right one for their needs. Whether premium dating or free apps, everyone will surely find what they are looking for. Have a look at our ladyboy dating site tests attached, we have also left our experiences there.

Ladyboy Guide & Counselor

Ladyboy, transgender or Kathoey, there are really a lot of names for men who want to be women or who have already had surgery. In this category we explain and not only reveal what a ladyboy is, but also what you need to know about them. Where can you find ladyboys to date? How are they mentally and can a relationship with a ladyboy work? How do you deal with the topic in public? These are all questions that we are answering here.

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